What is DrishtE?

DrishtE is a self paced, mobile based eLearning program that takes an NGO through eight core modules that are essential to operate impactfully, 

Who can enroll?

Any NGO can enrol as an organization. The program has specific modules for roles such as Board, finance and accounting, program personnel and fundraising. Unless all these modules are completed by the respective roles, an NGO may not be able to derive the full benefits of this learning

How much does it cost?

Dhwani does not charge any fees for enrolling or completing DrishtE.

However, if an NGO needs additional support such as handholding to interpret, implement or manage the practices recommended in the training program remotely, there may be some nominal fees.

What languages is training available in?

At present most of the modules are available in Kannada and some – in particular, program management, in English,

Other languages will be announced on this page as and when they are available

If you would like to be informed or stay updated on various Dhwani programs, please contact us.

How to apply?