Equipping a large number NGO resources with knowledge, skills and tools for key organisational development areas.

DrishtE is a self-paced mobile and web-based e-learning programme with modules on Compliance, Governance, MIS, Finance and accounting, HR, Marketing and Fundraising, Strategy and Leadership and Programme Management.

DrishtE builds on the experience of the classroom-based Niranthara programme.


Who can enroll?

Any NGO can enroll.  

The programme has modules related to functions that may be performed by different team members, It is encouraged that NGOs identify the right members from respective roles to enroll.

How does the programme work? 

You can complete the programme at your own pace. Additional support will be available from Dhwani Foundation in terms of a helpdesk, periodic connect sessions, and a web page for additional and related resources for learning and applying the learning. 

How can one enroll? 

If you would like to enroll – get in touch with us at [email protected] 

How much does it cost? 

Dhwani does not charge any fees for enrolling or completing DrishtE. The enrolling NGO is expected to have adequate internet bandwidth and also a smartphone or a desktop / laptop browser.  

How many learners have taken the courses so far?  

As of November 2021, there are over 300 NGOs that are actively participating in the programme. 

Are there any assessments? 

Yes. The courses have assessments as part of the content. 

Will any certificate be provided? 

A certificate of participation and completion would be issued to the NGOs that complete all course requirements with acceptable scores for the modules 

Can I join anytime? 

At present, we launch courses based on cohorts. Typically, a new batch is launched every month. If you are a federation or group of NGOs that would like to enroll together, please contact us for special batches. 

What languages are available? 

The programme is available in Kannada and English. 

Once again, how do I get in touch with team DrishtE? 

Please get in touch with us at [email protected]