Bringing cloud-based MIS Software to NGOs, making data management and analysis simple and reliable.

This is one of Dhwani Foundation’s earliest programmes, which provides a comprehensive and customisable one-stop solution for managing NGO operations.  We developed Goonjan MIS, a software platform to help effectively manage services in near real-time, monitor impact of interventions, and provide timely and accurate stakeholder reports.

For over a decade, the Goonjan MIS software has been providing our NGO clients with development sector-specific features like Beneficiary Management, Donor Management, Volunteer Management, Program Management, and Compliance Management. It is now adopted by over a hundred non-profit organisations across 15 states of India, cutting across domains like Physical Disability and Inclusion, Special Education, Women’s Empowerment, Child Safety, Skills Training, Health and Nutrition, Community Development, and Intellectual Disability.

Managing beneficiaries and delivering value-added services with Goonjan

Managing transparent and efficient donor relationships with Goonjan

Goonjan MIS effectively addresses the key pain points of growing organisations. It provides:

  • Integrated and easy access to different data sets like Beneficiary data, Donor data, Volunteer data, Program data, Services data and the like on a single platform
  • Real-time data as well as historic data
  • Impact reports for all stakeholders
  • Monitoring of programme impact and services
  • Consolidation of data across programs, branches, departments

For mobile users, there is a simple and intuitive Android app for data collection on the field.

Being a cloud-based system – there is no major infrastructure requirement and mundane activities like data backup, data security, and data recovery are taken care of. In addition, ongoing support from our software team ensures partners never need worry about software maintenance.

For more information about Goonjan MIS, visit: or email to [email protected] to schedule a free demo.