Strengthening governance in NGOs by bringing diversity and expertise to NGO Boards.

This is a programme to identify, induct and mentor volunteers from professional and corporate sectors to create a pool of independent board members to enhance governance in NGO sector. Because better governance leads to better outcomes!

The programme provides an opportunity for passionate individuals to serve NGOs by becoming a board member. The programme looks for enrolments from middle level managers and senior professionals in fields like IT, CA, Lawyers, Medical, Academic, Banking, Social sector and retired Govt officials to serve as board members.

The other aspect of Updeshak is about capacity building of existing board members. This is done through board interactions and training programmes on specific topics.

What unique value does each board member bring to the organisation?

Good Governance plays an important role in promoting the accountability of an NGO. However, small NGOs, especially in rural areas, struggle with governance as they fail to attract the right experts and professionals on to their board. Invariably, the family members and well-wishers form the board, making it less effective.

Launched in May 2019, Updshak is a 6-months programme to induct independent board members to NGOs. We identify experts from various professional backgrounds, including corporate leaders, charted accountants, government officials and academicians, and recommend them to relevant NGO boards. The new board members, as well as the existing NGO leadership and board, go through an induction program of up to six months to ensure a fruitful and lasting alliance.

External stakeholder expectations on good governance, which guide our board member selection:

Does the NGO have a minimum of 5-7 members?


Are at least some of them independent members?


Do they have different backgrounds – finance, social sector, legal, corporate, government?


Do they actively contribute towards organisation’s growth and development?


What unique value does each board member bring to the organisation?


About Updeshak Fellowships

  • Updeshak provides corporate professionals an opportunity to serve NGOs as Board Members. Professionals like Chartered Accountants, Doctors, Lawyers, Educationalists are welcome to apply. People working in Corporate/IT sector with over 15 years of experience are also welcome to enroll.
  • Dhwani provides a 2-day orientation to all applicants.

29 Professionals from our First Batch are already serving NGOs in Karnataka. The second batch of NGOs are also in Karnataka. We have also launched this programme for NGOs in Tamil Nadu.

An excellent opportunity for professionals and people from corporate world to serve the social sector – Be the change you want to see!

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For more details, contact-updeshak@dhwanifoundation.org