Niranthara Classic PROGRAMME

Niranthara is a 28-month comprehensive Organizational Development programme
specifically designed for small and Grassroots organizations, complete with
Capacity building, Technology and management solutions, Implementation
support, Grant support, Assessments and Certification of completion.

Through this programme we will work closely with the Leadership, Board, Senior
management and the programme teams to build and strengthen institutional

Ensuing success with 100+ grassroots NGOs across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and
Assam, we are now excited to bring the Niranthara Organizational development
programme to Jharkhand.


Launching now in Jharkhand. Inviting applications from NGOs


Cumulative scores of NGO partners at endline assessments

The Niranthara ClassicAdvantage

Programme Features to boost your organization’s growth, resilience and sustainability

Trainings and Workshops

95+ days of training from industry experts offered to NGO Leader, Board
Member, Accountant, Programme head and Fundraising Manager

Grant Support

Partial salary support for 12 months for an Accountant in the NGO
Full salary support for 20 months to a recruited Fundraising Person

Governance Support

Induction of experienced Corporate professionals as advisors and
board members Development of 3 year strategic plans and objectives for the NGO

Digital Media Support

Website development and Social media setup. Marketing collateral design: Logo, Visiting Cards, Brochures, Standees, Banners, Reports and more

Training Material Support

Lifetime access to Manuals, Templates, PPTs and videos on all modules, easy to use Workbooks, checklists and handouts to aid implementation

Networking Opportunities
Access to meetings and conferences to network with CSR and Donor agencies and other sector specialists . Events for donor connect and visibility enhancement of partner NGOs

Technology Support

Goonjan MIS software and Tally software for Finance & Accounts. Laptop for the NGO for training and implementation on 8 key areas

Assessment & Certification

Baseline, Midline and end line assessments to facilitate progress. Niranthara Certification on each module

Helpdesk support

Implementation and query resolution support during the program and for a year after graduation

Testimonials & Reviews

Niranthara’s uniqueness is that, it imparts knowledge and implements systems and processes that makes the NGOs commit to change. The assessments identify the areas that the organization has to improve on and provides a blueprint for necessary action.

Impact study Report IIM Bangalore

Nobody was serious about us. Even NGOs did not take us seriously. But now, other NGOs are asking how you get programs and how do you raise funds? How has your
organization improved? Everybody has started to notice us.

Dr Venkatesh Naik, SCODWES, Sirsi

Widely accepted and adapted Niranthara Assessment indicators across the country such as Bridgespan’s Organisational Development Plan Toolkit and Organisational Development Assessment Guide

The Bridgespan Group

I have run the organisation for last 30 years but, never looked at organisation sustainability. Today we have 16 policies in place, we have clear strategic plans
providing focus and helps us become best in what we do

Anand Lobo, SEVAK, Belagavi




Each NGO has to contribute 10% of the total cost, Dhwani will sponsor the rest of
the expenses.


Valid Registration as a Society or Trust.
Valid 80G Certificate & 12A Certificate
Annual budgets more than 35 lakhs
IT Returns filed for the last 3 years
Ownership and commitment of the Board and Leadership for 2 years
The cohort will be constituted of 30 NGOs clearing the due diligence process