Enabling NGO collectives and federations to become effective changemakers: We bring peer learning, benchmarking, collective bargaining, and resource pooling to enable better services to constituent members.

The Voice programme brings strategic direction and support to NGO federations to help them function better as a collective, thereby promoting the development of the overall sector.  NGO federations play an important role in driving the growth of the sector they represent and also supporting the growth of their member NGOs through the power of partnerships and sharing of resources and know-how. 

Our services are focused on improving governance systems within the federation, supporting the capacity building of their NGO partners, and helping them represent the sector more effectively and influence policy level changes with the government. 


With a united mission towards sustainable development, Federation of Voluntary Organizations for Urban and Rural Development in Karnataka or FEVOURD-K is an apex body of voluntary organizations across 27 district networks in the State. The federation functions as a “collective voice” of over 550 organisations, uniting them in their mission towards sustainable development and social justice of marginalised communities. 


Disability National Alliance (DNA) is a collective to represent the disability sector NGOs across Karnataka, in order to increase the efficacy at the individual NGO level, as well as strengthen the impact of the overall sector. From improving the intervention capacity of individual NGOs to strengthening their overall impact at the policy making level, DNA represents the unified voice of all stakeholders advocating the empowerment of PwDs – people with disability. 

As a resource partner, Dhwani Foundation is supporting FEVOURD-K and DNA on various fronts, including the setting up of good governance standards at central and district levels, developing their 3-year Strategic Plan, enabling digital presence for their member organisations, and setting up secretariats for the federations’ efficient functioning.