Niranthara Sikshak

Empowering a large pool of training partners to bring Niranthara and other capacity building programmes to grassroots NGOs.

Niranthara Sikshak helps a large number of NGOs benefit from the Niranthara model, by enabling Sikshak Partners to train them and develop skills and knowledge on multiple aspects like compliance, governance, accounts and finance, human resource, marketing, strategy, IT & MIS, etc. We provide partners with resources and processes to implement programmes, and track progress. Sikshak Partners will serve as resource centres in their region to support local NGOs.

We invite large sponsor-driven NGOs, faith-based charitable organizations, government departments funding NGOs, Knowledge Resource Organisations, and NGO federations to partner with us. Each Sikshak partner gets to develop expert faculty in-house to offer and run multiple programmes based on the Niranthara model, in their own region and amongst their networks.

For more details, mail us at [email protected]