Helping NGOs improve organisational efficiency by outsourcing support functions and processes. We design and enable services for compliance, F&A, HR and other support functions to increase operational efficiencies and reduce administrative costs.

Social organisations face multiple challenges of skills, resources and bandwidth. Outsourcing support services through the Sahayak programme helps them focus more on service delivery and core operations.

Through this programme, NGOs get specialised non-domain services. The service provider will handle all your support functions, record keeping, and processes related to Finance and Accounting, Compliance, HR and MIS. This will ensure your organisation is easily able to follow best practices like a well-administered NGO.

Service outcomes for your NGO

  • Compliance: Fulfil and update all legal compliances and regulations of the government, corporate donors and statutory bodies on NGO’s behalf and renew them as they become due
  • Finance & Accounting:  Facilitate to keep and update every financial process and record in your organization. Manage all your financial reporting to the government, corporates, donors, auditors and civil society.
  • Human Resource Management: Set up, monitor and maintain HR processes in your NGO, as per government and funder norms. Building your manuals and processes to the highest standards in the sector.
  • MIS: Digitization and real-time data through MIS for better decisions and reporting.


NGOs can reduce their non-core administrative tasks by 80% – so they can spend more time and resource working towards enhancing their core services to society!

Services and support Include:

  • Weekly, monthly and annual reports for donors, internal management, auditors and any other stakeholders.
  • Timely support for all government and donor due diligences, visits and reporting along with clarifications for all queries raised during such processes.
  • Drafting all types of statutory communications such as board resolutions, letters to banks, government departments, follow-ups with FCRA Ministry etc.
  • Respond to any compliance, finance-related notices/enquiries by giving ready information and reports.
  • Provide guidance from the best in the industry, information on all new compliances, new laws and regulations from time to time.

Programme eligibility

NGOs are expected to have:

  • Valid 12A registration
  • Budget above Rs 20 lakhs
  • 10 employees or more

As part of Sahayak programme, Dhwani Foundation has partnered with WyzMinds, a BPO firm with expertise in back-office operations to operationalize the programme. A Special-purpose vehicle called “Astheya Services” has been created to provide the required services for NGO clients. Current clients include Diya Foundation, Ananya Trust, REWARDS, Concerns Universe and MAYA India.

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Note: Current enrollment in and around Bangalore and North Karnataka regions only

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