RK Surdeo explaining to participants

The why and how of Training

Renowned trainer RK Surdeo conducted an experiential session on Train the Trainer for the Dhwani Foundation Team. The programme was meant to help participants conceptualise, elaborate, and adapt as they deliver training interventions, aligned to development goals.

An exercise at the workshop

The three-day hands-on session was very engaging and valuable in giving the team a new perspective on training and facilitation. Training is a powerful tool in the social development space. And it is an essential skill that any of us can develop, to have a positive impact on our work.

The primary purpose of “Training” is to “influence” – it is not to showcase the knowledge of the trainer, but to fulfill the need of the participants and the larger community. Training needs to be grounded in social reality.  

Informed by his rich experience gained over decades of working with NGOs, RK shared inputs on methods of training, how people learn, and understanding the needs of participants, as well as other stakeholders like organisers, partners, and community. He used simulations, exercises, reflections, group discussions, and connected the participants’ actions to real life.

Presenting our learnings

The preparatory work for a training programme is critical to the success of the programme. The plan needs to include the methodology, learning cycles, props, etc. Collaboration, communication, and coordination are critical elements. The team also realised that training needs to be followed by debriefing and group analysis.

The team gained new insights about training and its role in the social sector, and left with a resolve to internalise the knowledge gained in our own work!

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